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Mentoring for Nurses

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This web page was created by Deborah Beresford RN,BSN in partial fulfillment of the requirements of N5308 Informatics in Nursing, University of Texas, Arlington.
Deborah has been an RN for 30 years with experience in ER, ICU, PACU, dialysis, education, and management.
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"Quality of mentoring is the single most important predictor of mentoring benefits." (p160, #1, References & Resources)

"New nurses were looking for mentors who were “good practitioners” who could assist them in decision making, critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and holistic nursing care, as well as support them in the ongoing development of their nursing careers." (p.121, #2, References & Resources)

 "As aspiring, new, and experienced nurses interact, support, and learn from one another, new energy emerges for the practice of nursing at our hospital and for the profession of nursing." (p.122, #3, References & Resources)

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Site initiated April 2005

This site is dedicated to Amanda, who left a legacy of excellence in nursing education.