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Mentoring for Nurses

Nursing Education
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Links below contain nursing knowledge or leadership tips.

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> Nursing Human Resources Planning and Management Competencies

> Medical Term Dictionary

> change management

> OR Orientation Pathway:Registered Nurse A sample schedule

> Edwards Life Science Critical Care Education

> Luminosity:Brain Training

> Drug Calculators

> Critical Thinking Strategies: Concept Mapping

> Theory in Nursing: Comfort Theory

> Nursing Theory Network

> Watson Caring Science Institute - International Caritas Consortium

> Forum for Simulation in Education

> End of Life Care Issues

> Video: Using Virtual Worlds such as Second Life for Nursing Education.

> De-Escalation Training

> MedPix® is a free online Medical Image Database and Radiology Portal

> Animated Introduction to Coronary Angiography

> The Virtual Heart

> HyperHeart:animation of blood flow

> Animated Anatomy of Muscles

> Animated Anatomy

> The Teaching Center: Planning a course

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This site is dedicated to Amanda, who left a legacy of excellence in nursing education.