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Mentoring for Nurses

The Mentor

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Why Be a Mentor?

  • Leave a legacy (a gift of your expert knowledge and skills)
  • Increase Your Skills
  • Become a Organizational Asset
  • Get a Fresh Look at the Nursing Profession
  • Retain Nurses for the Future
  • What are the characteristics of a Mentor?

    Sense of Humor

    What are the roles of a Mentor?

    • Coaching
    • Training
    • Counseling
    • Teaching


    Tips for the Mentor

    1. You do not need to know everything.
    2. Develop resources and network to provide opportunities for your mentee.
    3. Share your insights of the culture of the organization.
    4. Share the tips learned that makes nursing easier and enjoyable.
    5. Encourage your mentee to be politically active for the nursing profession.
    6. Listen more than you talk.
    7. Have fun.
    8. Support and reassure your mentee during difficult times.
    9. Only offer constructive criticism the results in learning.
    10. Model professional behavior.
    11. Beware of doing things that might result in a conflict of interest (i.e. loaning money).
    12. Encourage volunteering in the organization's community events.
    13. Discuss ethical and moral conflicts that may arise in nursing.
    14. Enjoy sharing, talking, and combining ideas.
    15. Remember to never criticize your colleagues or the organization.


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    This site is dedicated to Amanda, who left a legacy of excellence in nursing education.