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My Love

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We join many who met online and then fell in love. December,1998 Christmas was fast approaching and I was feeling the holiday blues. I was in the chatroom I frequent and I noticed that Ex(short for Excalibur,his chat id) seemed a lil' down too. We had spent alot of time kidding each other the last 2 years in chat and I felt like we were old friends. On the spur of the moment I asked,"Why don't you come to Houston for a weekend?" He asked, "Are you serious?" I said, "SURE!" . Getting ready for his visit sent those holiday blues flying right out the door. Waiting on him in the airport was the most nerve racking thing I have ever experienced. When he came down that ramp He was everything I expected. I bet you think I am going to say we fell madly in love. Nope.We had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know each other. After He went home we remained close friends and still teased each other. The chatroom started planning a get together in Baltimore in August. At this time I was working as a travel nurse and my next assignment was in Maryland so I made plans to attend. I was pleasantly surprised when Ex decided to go too. We ended up at the same hotel...away from the others...I swear it wasn't intentional.haha. Anyway something happened this time. I am not poetic. I don't have fancy words. I just know that in his arms I felt a contentment and peacefulness that I had been searching for. I love this man. This man loves me.

our song by Neil Diamond

In this cold world no matter where I go the crowds are all the same.
To them I'm just a pebble in the sand, a face without a name.
Nobody gives a hang for what I say or do...but you.
And IN THE SHELTER OF YOUR ARMS I find peace and comfort and care...
For I am WANTED there.
(you should hear him Greg sing this to me :)


An actor and a singer

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

I describe myself as nurse. I think Ex would describe himself as actor. He has directed and performed in many productions at the local theaters. His talent amazes me. He has the voice that melts the coldest parts of a heart. He sang lead and backup for a rock and roll band. He grew up with a house full of sisters and has worked in an all girls high school for more than 20 years. I guess you could say he knows women pretty well. haha. The one drawback ...he knows all our tricks. LOL. If you are ever on the millionaire show and need to call someone, call Ex. His memory for trivia is awesome. One of our favorite times together is watching Jeopardy each evening.

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This site is dedicated to Amanda, who left a legacy of excellence in nursing education.